So You Want To Make Beats On Your Computer?

Have you ever been driving along and a song comes on the radio, and you think to yourself… “I wonder how they do that?”

That’s where most music producers get their first inspiration. The trails have already been blazed, the pioneers have already laid the foundation, so if you want to make beats and songs at home, on your computer, it’s relatively easy these days. You don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment anymore, you don’t need a degree in audio production, all you really need is the right software and an afternoon to play around and get the hang of things. Let’s take a look at some of the more important features to look for when you’re trying to find software to make beats…

What you need to make beats

  • Software with hi-quality samples. This might not seem important when you’re just starting out, but it is. It really, really is.
  • A good library of sounds to get you started with. This saves you from a lot of hidden costs and hassle, so just start with a piece of software that comes with everything you need. (We’ll point you towards one in just a moment…)
  • Software that’s easy to learn, but still robust enough to last you past the beginner stage.
  • Something you can download immediately, right now, without having to wait for delivery or taking a trip to specialty music shops that only carry really expensive pro-level stuff.
  • Ideally, the software will have some sort of video tutorials so¬† help you start making beats right away.

Oh, and one more thing….

You’ve got to have a desire to make awesome music, that’s really the most important part. Remember in Jurassic Park the dude said “Life finds a way…” Well, my ex from highschool used to scribble on her binders “MuSiC iS lIFe…”

So, by their logic… If music is life, and life finds a way, then if you want to make music – you’ll find a way.

Alright, that’s a bit convoluted, let’s get back to finding the right software to make beats on your computer (pc or mac, either works…)

There’s a few options.

Mostly, there’s a lot of high-end really expensive software you can get. You’ll need special plugs and stuff on your computer, you’ll need mixers, you’ll need blah blah blah – If you have a few grand laying around, and a few months to learn how to use it all, voila! BUT…

If you would rather just get one piece of software that handles everything from A-to-Z, that runs on the computer you’re using right now without a hitch… And if you want to spend less than $40 on it… You’ve got to check out DubTurbo. Read out Dubturbo review, or …

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